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Couples Therapy

Whether being in a relationship for two years or two decades, it’s common for couples to struggle with frustrations and disagreements. Without having a stable foundation of vulnerability and trust, it can be difficult to share insecurities, desires, and needs with a romantic partner.

However, just because something is challenging does not mean it’s worth neglecting! When you’re part of a committed relationship, your own emotional wellbeing is tied to your partner. If you and your partner are ready to strengthen your relationship into a healthy and productive relationship, marriage counseling or couples therapy at Finding Clarity may be the right next step for you.

Relationship difficulties are nothing to be ashamed of. If you and your partner are ready to strengthen your bond into a healthy and productive relationship, marriage counseling or couples therapy at Finding Clarity may be the right next step for you.

Our treatment specializations include:
  • Setting Expectations for a New Relationship
  • Intimacy Issues
  • Conflict and Poor Communication
  • Trust Issues
  • Parenting Styles and Co-Parenting 
  • Blended Family
  • Financial Challenges
  • Managing Separation or Divorce


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What To Expect From Couples Therapy

Couples counseling is unique because while you address problems as a couple, you are also pursuing your personal development. As two separate individuals, you bring your own history, perspectives, and emotions into the relationship. In couples counseling, your Finding Clarity counselor will assist you in identifying the root causes of your issues as a couple.

By discussing your ongoing issues with a professional counselor, many couples improve their relationships by elevating their level of trust, strengthening communication skills, and allowing for vulnerability during challenging moments. 

We use an emotionally-focused therapy process to rekindle the physical and emotional bond you share with your loved one. During treatment, we consider all aspects of mental health, including trauma recovery and triggers.

To meet with our couples therapists and marriage counselors, please contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if it’s time to visit a couples counselor?

Truthfully, there is no secret formula! We recommend a couple coming to counseling when they are on the same page that something needs to change and are willing to work together to achieve their goals.

Can I have individual counseling in addition to couples therapy?
Of course! You’re welcome to schedule individual counseling sessions while you attend your couples counseling. Typically, we will partner you with another counselor for individual counseling to establish a private and secure relationship with your counselor.
How do you approach intimacy issues with couples?
At Finding Clarity, we understand that sex and intimacy can be challenging for couples to discuss. Our highly trained counselors will walk you through techniques that will provide safe avenues for discussing problems and finding emotional connections within couples counseling.

Benefits of Couples Counseling

There’s a bit of a stigma attached to seeking any form of therapy, and couples counseling is no different. Many people are nervous to enter couples counseling, as they think that the need for it indicates their relationship is in trouble. However, on the contrary, participating proves you are willing to put effort and thought into your relationship in order to reach deeper levels of understanding and connection.

Couples counseling is a powerful tool that can help couples of all kinds. Some of the key benefits of couples counseling include:

  • Improved Communication: Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Couples counseling helps couples learn to communicate more effectively and clearly, allowing them to express their feelings and needs in a more productive way.
  • Conflict Resolution: Conflict is a natural part of any relationship, but when it becomes chronic or unresolved, it can lead to serious problems. In couples counseling you’ll learn how to resolve conflicts in a healthy and productive way, reducing the risk of escalation and damage to the relationship.
  • Strengthened Relationship: Couples counseling strengthens relationships by fostering deeper intimacy, understanding, and trust. By addressing underlying issues and working through challenges together, couples can build a stronger foundation for the future of their relationship.
  • Increased Self-Awareness: Couples counseling helps individuals increase their self-awareness, which can be a valuable tool for personal growth and development. By understanding and acknowledging their own needs, feelings, and behaviors, individuals will learn to communicate more effectively and build healthier relationships with those around them.

At Finding Clarity Counseling, we offer a range of couples counseling and therapy services to meet the unique needs of each couple. Our therapists are trained in a variety of techniques and modalities, and thus are able to customize their approach to fit the specific needs and goals of each couple. Contact us now to schedule your first session.

Reach Out Today for Couples Therapy in Metro DC

Finding Clarity Counseling is a professional counseling practice proudly offering inclusive couples counseling services in the Metro DC area. Our licensed and experienced therapists specialize in couples counseling and therapy, offering a safe space and supportive environment for couples to work through their challenges, improve communication, and find true clarity and closeness.

Finding Clarity Counseling is dedicated to helping couples in the DC metro area resolve their issues and live happier, healthier lives. If you are interested in learning more about our couples counseling services or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

Reach out now to connect with a couples therapist near you and begin the path toward optimal relationship health.

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